Financing your switch to artificial turf

December 2, 2015
As drought conditions continue across the state, it's more important than ever for California homeowners to take into consideration their consumption of water resources. To help alleviate high water costs and promote water conservation efforts, we offer smart financing for drought-tolerant landscaping, including permeable ground covers and artificial turf.

Going green with artificial turf: what are the benefits?

Gone are the days of fake-looking, scratchy, and uncomfortable turf. Modern-day synthetic grass looks extremely similar to real grass, plus more recent developments in grass imitations mean the turf is soft and comfortable to walk on. When installed properly, it can even be hard to tell the difference between real and artificial. The advantages to making a switch to synthetic grass go beyond water savings alone. The benefits, generally speaking, fall into three categories: environmental, aesthetic, and time-related:

Environmental benefits

The key benefit of artificial turf, particularly in the midst of the drought, is the water savings homeowners can expect to achieve from an installation. On average, homeowners in California can expect to save 55 gallons of water per square foot of turf per year. This can add up to significant cost savings, too. Be sure to check out our infographic on residential water conservation to learn more about how much water you can save on turf and other outdoor efficiency products.

Aesthetic benefits

It's no secret that the once green lawns of many residential neighborhoods have, by and large, faded to brown. We commend all homeowners who have cut back on their water usage during such a crucial time! Rather than relying on the ebb and flow of water supply, however, switching to synthetic grass allows homeowners to enjoy a pristine, green lawn throughout the year.

Time-related benefits

Added together, weeding, watering, planting, and mowing can take up a lot of time. Converting to turf can save you up to 150 hours of lawn maintenance per year! Once installed, synthetic grass requires very little upkeep and maintenance, making lawn mowers and sprinklers a thing of the past.

Financing your synthetic grass upgrade

Even though artificial turf will save you money on water and maintenance resources in the long run, it does have a relatively high installation cost. CaliforniaFIRST Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing can provide you 100% upfront financing for your water efficiency upgrade. Once the upgrade is completed, you begin repaying the cost of the installation on your property tax bill over a flexible payback period. The benefits don't end there: your upgrade may add value to your property, the financed amount will not appear on your credit score, and more. Our financing applies to a variety of water conservation and clean energy upgrades. For a full list, visit our eligible products and projects. Water savings (and a beautiful lawn) are within your reach! Get in touch with us or start by checking your eligibility for our financing to get started on the path to conservation.