Let's conserve water together

July 28, 2015

California is in the third year of its most serious drought in decades, and statewide water reduction orders are making residents more conscious than ever of their water use. The issue of water conservation needs everyone's attention and there are many actions that homeowners can take to do their part -- most of which they were unaware of!

Water efficiency with PACE financing

Our usual summer routine of running sprinklers and washing the car in the driveway puts a serious strain on our energy and water systems. Making smart home upgrades with water efficiency products will contribute to real savings. Our team at CaliforniaFIRST provides affordable financing for California homeowners who want to improve their family's water conservation and contribute to the community-wide effort to save one of our most valuable resources. Our Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing provides eligible homeowners with financing for a variety of water and energy efficiency upgrades at no upfront cost. Our application process is quick, efficient, and easy. Once one of our registered contractors makes the upgrade, homeowners begin to repay the cost of the upgrade on their property tax bill over a flexible repayment period.

Eligible water efficiency products: indoor & outdoor

We provide financing for a wide variety of water efficiency products and services that will help reduce water usage this summer:

A network of registered contractors

In addition to providing you with financing options, CaliforniaFIRST will connect you with our registered contractors in your area. We work with top-quality contractors to ensure you get the upgrade you need to start saving quickly and easily. As you consider home efficiency upgrades, consider water conservation a top priority. Our PACE financing is helping hundreds of happy homeowners across the state save big on water and energy, and we want to help you next. Our financing is available to help you save money on utility bills, reduce energy usage, and conserve water during this critical time. Contact us today to ask our experts how our low-cost financing can help you improve your home's water use and to find out more about the eligible water efficiency projects listed above.