PACE “among the most successful energy-efficiency financing tools in U.S. history,” reports Greentech Media

March 29, 2017

As the PACE financing industry grows and matures, leading PACE providers like Renew Financial are guiding our industry to even greater transparency and consumer support: This was a major point of the excellent Greentech Media piece published this morning.

Peppered with quotes from our CEO and inventor of PACE financing, Cisco DeVries, this article is a balanced discussion of PACE’s successful growth and the industry’s responses to challenges that have cropped up along the way.

In addition, this article touches on important and timely topics like:

  • The number of well-paying local jobs PACE has created by financing $4 billion in energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades across 140,000 American homes
  • How far PACE has come in terms of customer protection since the inception of the program
  • What the impact will be of California State Senator Nancy Skinner’s new bill to add more consumer protections for residential PACE programs in CA
  • And more.