Angel & Brenda C. from Brandon, FL

September 9, 2020

My wife and I used the RenewPACE  program from Renew Financial to have a new roof put on the house. I was notified by my insurance provider that we needed to put a new roof because the original roof was past its lifetime and they needed the roof to be replaced in order to continue the insurance coverage. There weren't any leaks or damage, they just needed it to have it replaced.

We went ahead and started searched online for contractors to do the job. We looked at the reviews for different roofing companies and came up with the one we ultimately chose. Before they came out we had a few others contractors come out too to give us estimates.   

We found out about RenewPACE financing and Renew Financial through the contractor we selected for the job. They talked to us about different payment options from paying upfront to financing through Renew and other companies. 

We almost financed the project with our bank of 20 years but the main reason we decided not to, was because going with RenewPACE was going to be faster and more affordable. It was also a lot easier as far as the payback terms concern and adding it as a line item in our taxes, that’s was a plus for us.

The process was very clear and transparent from the beginning. We read all the documents that Renew sent us at least 5-6 times and we have a clear understanding of what we did.  The staff at Renew Financial made sure all and every one of the questions we had were answered before we actually signed anything, I think that was awesome! 

I’ve always been very skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. We read all the fine print to try to find the downside, and asked a lot of questions, but everything was done to our satisfaction. This is pretty good, we're actually considering using RenewPACE again in the future to replace our air conditioner. 

I told my sisters to look into RenewPACE for their home improvement projects like replacing an air conditioner unit, windows, a roof, and things like that. I adviced them to make sure that whomever they choose for the job is familiar with the program and works with Renew because that totally makes a difference. My only complaint is that I wish we knew about the RenewPACE program and Renew sooner. 

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