Carmen S. from Tampa, FL

October 6, 2020

My air conditioner broke down and several contractors came out to quote me, but I simply didn’t have the funds readily available. My son is a contractor, he repairs houses and resells them. He told me about Renew Financial and referred me to the contractor who installed the new AC. 

I had heard about PACE before from another company here in Florida. I've seen their TV commercials and billboards all over the place but I trusted my son's recommendation. I am so glad I did. Before learning about Renew Financial I considered using credit cards to pay for the new AC but the contractor did not accept credit cards. 

The process to get PACE financing was easy and quick. Everyone was extremely helpful throughout the process and thoroughly explained the program to me. I applied in the comfort of my home and was approved the same day. A representative from Renew called me to go over the financing terms, payments, and make sure I understood how everything would work. 

I am truly pleased with Renew Financial. I thank God I was given the opportunity to learn about Renew and PACE. I am happy that I had access to this kind of financing because otherwise I would still have a broken air conditioner. I am very satisfied with everything. As a matter of fact, during the installation there was a small accident that damaged my roof a little bit. The contractor was quick to repair it without hesitation or hassles. I am so happy with my new air conditioner because the temperature in my house is very comfortable. I am also looking forward to the savings in my electric bills!

I highly recommend Renew Financial to anyone looking for home improvement financing. As of matter of fact, I just talked to one of my friends recently who had questions and I told her to call Renew directly. 

Discover today if Renew can help you too! 

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