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RenewPACE: Innovative energy financing for homeowners

With RenewPACE financing, you can receive $0 down financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water-saving, and resiliency upgrades, repaid on your property taxes over the course of 5-30 years. With RenewPACE financing, the amount you can borrow is based on your home equity, and the interest rate is fixed, with no surprises. You can borrow up to 20% of your property value, and the balance may transfer to the new owner upon sale of the property, subject to lender approval.

Offered in cooperation with local governments, RenewPACE is simple and easy to use with superior customer support.


Eligible Projects

Water Efficiency

Reduce your home's water usage with efficient indoor plumbing, beautify your property with drought tolerant landscaping, and more.  

Renewable Energy

Generate your own electricity with a solar or wind system, heat your pool with a solar hot water heater, charge your electric vehicle, and more. 

Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to a new heating and cooling system, install new windows and doors, insulate your home, and more.

Safety and Resiliency

Prepare your home for severe weather with wind-resistant shingles, storm shutters, storm doors, and more.


  • My husband is retired, and I'm working mainly as volunteer; we didn't want to tie up our cash flow, so CaliforniaFIRST was a very good choice.

    Kyoko Takayama, Alameda County
  • One of the best parts of this project for us was the financing through CaliforniaFIRST. It was very easy for us to do the paperwork, and we were quickly given an answer and told that we were qualified for it.

    Glen Barnhill, San Mateo County
  • We're retired, and as a result, we live on a fixed income. With CaliforniaFIRST financing, we were able to put it on our tax bill. In our case, we pay it twice a year, and that enabled us to pay for the cost of the improvements.

    Glen Barnhill, San Mateo County
  • Our home is more comfortable now because the plumbing system works better.

    Gretchen Dumas, Alameda County
  • The thing I liked best about the CaliforniaFIRST program was that it was about as easy as it could be. Press the button on the computer, and by the time the call was over, they said, You're approved. That's the kind of people I like to do business with. 

    Larry Chaset, Alameda County
  • Our house was built in 1927, and before the renovation, temperature in the house fluctuated a lot. After the renovation, our house is now at a very stable temperature. We don't even hear if the furnace comes on. We are using less gas, not producing too much carbon dioxide. It's just amazing.

    Kyoko Takayama, Alameda County
  • After the renovation, our house is now at a very stable temperature. We don't even hear if the furnace comes on. We are using less gas, not producing too much carbon dioxide. It's just amazing.

    Kyoko Takayama, Alameda County
  • I like that the assessment was done on the home itself, the ease of the application process, the fact that it was able to be done online and electronically signed. I didn't have to have anything mailed or go in in person. I think that was very easy.

    Anjurle Duchaussee , Solano County
  • The benefits of this renovation have really impacted our life. We've always loved our home, but we really love it now.

    Linda Rich, San Mateo County
  • One really important benefit of the program was the increase in our property value, and, of course, the savings on a monthly basis on our energy bill. It really was one of those win-win situations.

    Glen Barnhill, San Mateo County
  • You have no idea what this house felt like. During the winter, it was freezing. We had to huddle in one part of the house. It was just horrible before, and now, we are--it's like heaven.

    Linda Rich, San Mateo County
  • We installed a central heating system. We also insulated underneath the house, and it's made a tremendous difference in the comfort and cost of heating the house.

    Glen Barnhill, San Mateo County
  • My home is more comfortable now with all of those renovations being done. It's not too cold now in the winter, it's not too hot in the summer, it's just right.

    Anjurle Duchaussee , Solano County
  • I knew that I needed to get a new hot water heater, and I said, If I'm gonna get a new hot water heater, I'm gonna get an energy-efficient tankless water heater. It's outside the house, it's not taking up a big chunk of space in the back hall. Nice, attractive small unit, but most importantly, it's more energy efficient.

    Larry Chaset, Alameda County




What is PACE?

PACE allows property owners to finance the installation of energy and water improvements on homes without putting any money down. Property owners pay back the funds that were used to finance their home improvement project as a line item on their property tax bill.

How is PACE different from traditional financing?

PACE is financed through assessments collected on the property tax bill, and the assessment obligation may be assumed by the new owner when the property is sold.

How do I know if my city is participating in a PACE program?

Renew Financial's residential PACE programs are available to property owners in California and Florida. See the PACE coverage map lists of all jurisdictions that have opted in to PACE programs.

Does Renew Financial use taxpayer dollars to fund projects or administer PACE Programs?

No. Renew Financial uses private capital to fund every project. Costs to administer the program are paid by program participants through fees that are rolled into each project’s financing. County tax assessors and tax collectors incur small costs to place each PACE assessment on the tax rolls and to collect and distribute the PACE assessment payments. Counties are reimbursed for these costs through the above-mentioned fees. Cities do not incur any costs as a result of opting in to the program.

Is this a voluntary program?

Yes. Utilizing PACE financing is completely voluntary. Properties and property owners that don't participate remain unaffected.

How do I qualify for financing?

Qualifying for PACE financing is primarily based on:
• The property’s estimated market value;
• The amount of the property owner’s equity in the property;
• The property owner’s recent mortgage and property tax payment history; and
• The dollar value of the proposed improvements;
Qualifying is not based on FICO score


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