Save energy and improve cash flow

Commercial PACE allows commercial property owners to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and seismic improvements for their businesses and multifamily residential projects. The financing is then repaid on property taxes over the course of up to 30 years. Commercial properties include all nonresidential properties, such as multifamily buildings (five or more units), industrial, retail, hospitality and office properties.

Commercial PACE can also finance eligible clean energy, water conservation and seismic measures in new construction. This can allow a developer to significantly reduce their cost of capital and future operating costs by developing an energy efficient project.

Three Simple Steps to Efficiency

Tell us about your project

The questionnaire is simple and we offer support from dedicated professionals to help you throughout the process. The questionnaire doesn't obligate you to complete the work and it doesn't affect your credit rating.

Get funding and install projects

Once your application is approved, you will execute financing documents that will result in a lien placed on your property for the amount to be financed. At this point, you may begin installation and draw upon the funding.

Make payments

You will repay the financed amount as a line item on your property taxes. If you sell the property, the new owner will assume the property tax payments.

Commercial PACE Benefits

Property owners who finance efficiency projects through us often enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Longer payback period (up to 30 years)
  • Property qualified financing, not based on credit score
  • Balance can transfer to new owner upon sale
  • Financed amount won’t appear on credit report

Choose Your Own Contractor

Commercial PACE allows property owners to form their own project installation team and devise an integrated financing solution that works best for their property. Property owners may work with any properly licensed contractor.

Is Commercial PACE available for your property?

Only commercial properties located within participating communities are eligible to participate. Commercial PACE is adding new cities and expanding coverage. If your location is not currently eligible for commercial projects, please email to see if we can add your location.

See Eligible Regions

Why upgrade your property? When you perform energy upgrades, you can realize up to 10% savings on utility bills in the first year. Because payments for Commercial PACE financing are fixed, they provide predictable and stable savings by avoiding cost increases. On top of that, debt is repaid long before the end of the useful life of many of the eligible products.

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