Dayshar H. from Ruskin, FL

September 9, 2020

My home insurance company required me to put a new roof on the house or my premium would have been too high, pretty much making it unafforable. I first started with getting estimates from several different contractors. I did a process of elimination by checking their experience and years in business to narrow it down to one. I realized in the process that I did not have enough money to pay the roof in a lump sum, plus using all of my savings was not going to be in my best interest given the current economic situation. 

The contractor I selected told me about Renew Financial and PACE, so I looked into it along with other financing options. I chose to go with PACE because the payment terms and the fixed interest rate made everything easier and more affordable to me than the other alternatives. During my discovery process I found another PACE company, so it was between Renew and them but when I looked at the other company reviews it was clear that Renew was going to be a better fit. I choose to go with Renew because everyone did a really good job answering my questions and treated me properly.  

The process was very easy and simple to do over the phone. I did not have to go through a long process and back end system to get approved. My roof was the most needed thing I had to get done and PACE from Renew made it possible for me to comfortably afford it for insurance purposes and to make my home safer. With the kind of rain and hurricanes we get in Florida, a strong and proper roof over your head is a must. I am so glad that the PACE program exists so more people like me can benefit too. I would get PACE financing from Renew again for another project in my home and I highly recommend it.

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