We are building a talented and diverse workforce at all levels

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Mission

"To achieve our vision of providing access to a safe, healthy and sustainable world, everyone must feel included and valued. Renew Financial is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment where employees, partners, contractors, and customers are empowered to succeed."

Our Commitment

At Renew Financial we are dedicated to ensuring that our employees, partners, contractors and customers feel included, valued, and are afforded an equal, opportunity-rich workplace and community. In line with our Vision, Mission and Values, we are taking steps to build a diverse and inclusive environment.

We are focusing on four key areas as part of our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:


Increase retention through professional development initiatives and equity reviews.


Provide trainings and workshops for employees and officers on topics such as unconscious bias and microaggressions.


Establish and support employee resource groups that focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Review recruitment efforts and implement strategic practices to better reach a diverse pool of candidates.

Only by attracting, developing and retaining a diverse and inclusive community within our workforce will we realize our D&I mission.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Renew Financial believes that a sense of community and belonging is central to the success of our organization. We are proud to support employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a vital conduit for connecting and supporting employees across our many locations, departments, demographics, and interests. Renew Financial ERGs support the Vision, Mission and Values of our company and form a central part of commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • People of Color (POC) and Allies ERG

    The mission of the POC and Allies ERG at Renew Financial is to cultivate a sense of belonging in an inclusive, POC-friendly environment that supports and empowers POC to advance their potential through connection, collaboration and advocacy. Launching in Nov 2020.

  • EmpowHer ERG

    The mission of this Resource Group is to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and empowers women, advancing their potential through connection and collaboration, with the aim of increasing the number of women who are promoted at all levels.


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