Get an efficient Air Conditioning system for $0 down!

Don't settle for another month of high utility bills and discomfort. New Air Conditioning systems are efficient, quiet, and provide the cool relief you're looking for. Even better, there's a government approved, low-cost financing solution to help you fund your Air Conditioning upgrade.

Why finance your Air Conditioning project with RenewPACE?

From recommending a Preferred AC Contractor to helping you understand the benefits of PACE financing, RenewPACE is with you from project start to finish.

With RenewPACE, the payment terms are up to 25 years, and the balance can transfer to new owner if home is sold, subject to lender approval. Now that's smart Air Conditioning financing.

What projects are eligible?

In addition to Air Conditioning, RenewPACE can help you finance:

Check Eligibility For Your Home


* This is not a pre-approval or an offer of credit. The products shown above are not available in all areas. Financing will only be offered after review and approval of a fully completed application. Application approval may only be provided after a fully completed application has been submitted and reviewed for all underwriting criteria, including but not limited to: status of real property tax, mortgage payments, and bankruptcies.


"My home is more comfortable now with all of those renovations being done. It's not too cold now in the winter, it's not too hot in the summer, it's just right."

Anjurle Duchaussee, Homeowner