Rate Choice Rewards - Competitive Interest Rates

When You Choose the Best Rates in PACE, More Customers Choose You

Introducing Rate Choice, another exclusive innovation from Renew.

Now you can select the best interest rate for the specific needs of each deal. We don't lock you into a single tier of rates and fees like many other PACE financing rate plans. So you have the freedom to offer financing that works perfectly for your customer and beautifully for your bottom line.

Best Rates in PACE

Rate Choice Rewards provides the lowest interest rates in the PACE industry and the flexibility to close more deals.

Multiple Rate Tiers

Choose rates from 3.59% to 8.49%, depending on the rate tier selected and applicable term.

The Power of Choice

Choosing the best tier means you can balance fees and rates to maximize volume and profitability.

With Renew, selling PACE is its own Reward

The more you sell Renew PACE financing, the lower the rate you can offer to homeowners. There's no better way to turbocharge your business than our Rate Choice Rewards program - another big advantage you only get with Renew.