Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find answers to the questions we get asked the most — organized by topic.

PACE Financing

PACE is a financing program approved by your state and authorized by your local government. However, funds to secure the financing come from private companies not affiliated with your local government.

No, Renew Financial uses private capital to fund projects. Costs to administer the program are paid by program participants through fees, which are rolled into each project’s financing. County tax assessors and tax collectors incur small costs to place each PACE assessment on their tax rolls, and to collect and distribute the PACE assessment payments. These counties are reimbursed for their costs through the above-mentioned fees. Cities do not incur any costs as a result of opting in to the program.

Yes, PACE financing is completely voluntary. Properties and property owners who do not participate are unaffected.

We encourage you to pursue available Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs), utility rebates and any other incentives. Renew Financial is not able to provide any assistance or information on specific rebates that may be available.

No. You must pay the full annual amount of your PACE assessment, even if you pay your property taxes early.


Simply visit the Check Availability section of our website. You can also see if your home is eligible by entering your address on our Home Page — in the “Check Address” field. You’ll have the option to apply on the spot.

Our Customer Care Center is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Call us at 1-844-736-3934.

Once a Customer Care Representative receives and reviews the information on your application, you will be notified with a decision. If additional information is required, a representative will give you a call. This typically happens within 30 minutes if you apply during business hours.

There is NO application fee, and submitting an application does not commit you to go through with the financing.

We do request a credit bureau report as part of the application process. However your FICO score is NOT a factor in determining eligibility. We look at other information contained in the credit report.

PACE financing may be more difficult to obtain if: Mortgage payments are not up-to-date Recent history of bankruptcy Property taxes aren’t current, or a history of late payments (last 3 years) are indicated There are involuntary liens or judgments on the property A default or foreclosure was filed against the property in the past 3 years

PACE regulations in California (signed into law in October 2017) require Renew Financial and all PACE providers to verify that customers have sufficient income to be able to repay their PACE assessment.

Yes. The contractor that you choose must be registered with Renew Financial for you to use our PACE financing. If you have not yet selected a contractor, you can choose one from our list of registered contractors on the Find a Contractor web page.

Your contractor should be able to tell you if they are registered with Renew Financial. You can also easily check by searching for your contractor on the Find a Contractor web page.

Renew Financial will pay your contractor directly — but not until you provide final approval for the work completed.

Temporary Financial Hardship

If you recently faced a temporary financial hardship such as a loss of income due to a medical illness, death, natural disaster, or interruption in employment that caused you to be delinquent on your property taxes or property tax escrow account, Renew may be able to help out. We offer temporary hardship assistance to ensure that a payment owed on your PACE assessment does not stop you from getting back on your feet. If you are behind on your property taxes or the property tax portion of your mortgage payment and you believe you can repay your property taxes and/or mortgage in the near future, you may qualify for support. To learn more, please contact us at 855-211-0970.