Home Improvement Financing for Hurricane Impact Protection

Hurricane proof your home with the help of solid financing.

Play it safe.

The high cost of hurricane damage is indisputable. But some upgrades help you weather upcoming storms. PACE financing offers a manageable way to pay for safe, affordable home improvements.

Be prepared.

Think audit.

Get the scoop from local contractors, neighbors, and FEMA about hurricane preparedness.

Choose predictability.

Lower, fixed interest rates mean steady, predictable payments over time.

Keep it simple.

Financing your safety upgrades is fast, easy, and requires NO commitment.

PACE is the best way to finance wind-resistant upgrades

Hurricane Safety Blog highlights:

Upgrading your roof? Consider these hurricane-resistant tips
Upgrading your roof? Consider these hurricane-resistant tips
A hurricane can be seriously damaging if your home isn’t prepared. Why take any chances? PACE financing covers a variety of measures for strengthening your roof or replacing it. And remember that a roof replacement is often the most cost-effective time to make some water and wind-resistant upgrades, since many upgrades can be added underneath the shingles, on top of the roof deck, or on the roof itself during the replacement process.
Friday, October 7, 2016