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Financial considerations

When financing is the option of choice, you need to consider interest rates, fees, payment terms, and more. Renew Financial helps you comparison shop — no sweat.

PACE compared to Unsecured Home Improvement Loans

PACE vs Unsecured Loans

Considering an unsecured loan? Be sure to check the repayment terms. PACE offers terms up to 30 years, leading to lower monthly payments. With no FICO requirements and no impact to your credit, PACE is hard to beat.
PACE compared to Home Equity Loans

PACE vs. Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loans typically have shorter terms than PACE, which leads to higher monthly payments. They also require a FICO score of 620 or higher. For longer terms with no FICO requirement, PACE is a great option.
PACE Financing Compared to Credit Cards

PACE vs Credit Cards

Credit card rates can be very high, making home improvements more expensive as you pay off debt. PACE offers lower rates, same day approvals and up to $250K in funding... a great financing choice for home improvements!
PACE compared to Home Equity Line of Credit


A Home Equity Line of Credit can take a month or longer for approval and has variable rates, which have been on the rise. PACE is often approved in minutes and rates are always fixed, providing long term peace of mind.

Let's compare the details of some common home improvement financing options.

PACE financing blog highlights

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9 Common Questions About PACE Financing
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