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Replace window and doors with energy-efficient financing.

Save time and headaches.

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with PACE financing. It’s the smart, simple way to make home improvement upgrades.

3 Savings Tips

Save time.

See how much you qualify for — then apply. Renew let’s you know where you stand in minutes.

Save money.

Longer term financing and low interest rates keep payments smaller.

Save energy

High quality, energy-saving windows and doors save you money on heating and cooling costs, year round.

PACE is the best way to finance new windows

"I like that the assessment was done on the home itself, the ease of the application process, the fact that it was able to be done online and electronically signed. I think that was very easy."

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Strengthen your roof, windows, & doors
Strengthen your roof, windows, & doors
We all know that Florida is a beautiful place to live -- except when there’s a hurricane bearing down on us. Hurricane season (June through November) carries with it a threat of destruction, particularly for homeowners whose homes are underprepared for the weather.
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Energy Saving Tips for Winter
Energy Saving Tips for Winter
Even though the year is new, the weather isn’t! As winter temperatures might be keeping us indoors and running our heating systems more constantly than ever, consider a few strategies to conserve energy during what can be a utility bill-heavy time of year.
Friday, January 6, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

There are signs that windows and doors may be ready for replacement. If your windows or doors are damaged, warped or broken ... if windows or doors are over 20-25 years old ... if you live in a severe weather climate, and windows or doors have not been replaced in a while, check for significant damage that could compromise energy efficiency or safety. These are just a few signs for your consideration. Please consider contacting a qualified professional for an expert opinion.

To find out if the contractor you want to use is a Renew Financial Registered Contractor, click on the Find a Contractor link in the homeowner section of our site, and enter their name. If the name appears, you are set with your contractor. If they aren’t on our list, your contractor can apply to be a Renew Financial Registered Contractor. In the meantime, our “Find a Contractor” feature will help you identify a high trained professional who can help you with your specific home improvement needs.

When you work with our contractors, you can be assured that any windows or doors they recommend will meet our high standards for financing approval.

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