Where's Renew Financial? California
Where's Renew Financial? Florida

Home renovations with $0 down: the smart way to save.

Renew Financial provides 100% financing for home improvements that save energy or water. We’ll help you afford to replace your furnace, go solar, replace your roof, get a tankless water heater, and more, with no upfront cost. 

We only finance high quality products that meet state and national standards for energy efficiency, so with Renew Financial, you know you’re getting quality products for your home.

PACE is helping Florida renew and rebuild.

PACE is helping Florida renew and rebuild.

Last month our CEO Cisco DeVries met with a RenewPACE customer in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Scott DeMaria of Coral Springs used RenewPACE financing to install high impact windows before the next storm hits. In this brief video, Cisco discusses why helping homeowners like Scott isn't just what we do every day--it's who we are.

Eligible Projects

Renewable Energy

Generate your own electricity with a solar or wind system, heat your pool with a solar hot water heater, charge your electric vehicle, and more. 

Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to a new heating and cooling system, install new windows and doors, insulate your home, and more.

Water Efficiency

Reduce your home's water usage with efficient indoor plumbing, beautify your property with drought tolerant landscaping, and more.  

Safety and Resiliency

Prepare your home for severe weather with wind-resistant shingles, storm shutters, storm doors, and more.

Financing Products

Up to $250,000 in financing available
No money down
Borrow up to 20% of property value*
Balance may transfer to new owner upon sale**
Instant Approvals
(Includes CaliforniaFIRST)
Minimum financing of $5,000. Repaid as an assessment on your property taxes. Property-secured financing. *Varies based on location. **Subject to lender approval.

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  • The benefits of this renovation have really impacted our life. We've always loved our home, but we really love it now.

    Linda Rich, San Mateo County
  • One really important benefit of the program was the increase in our property value, and, of course, the savings on a monthly basis on our energy bill. It really was one of those win-win situations.

    Glen Barnhill, San Mateo County
  • My home is more comfortable now with all of those renovations being done. It's not too cold now in the winter, it's not too hot in the summer, it's just right.

    Anjurle Duchaussee , Solano County
  • This is a great program with even better customer service, keep up the good work!

    April Ritter
  • This program is a godsend for many homeowners to perform home upgrades that otherwise would get neglected. I have used it several times as a contractor.

    Larry Waters


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