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The KeystoneHELP program will be suspended as of 9 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 30, 2017.

At this time, applications may no longer be submitted online. Applications will be accepted by phone until 9 p.m. EDT on June 30, 2017. After that time, no new applications will be accepted.

In partnership with the state of Pennsylvania, Renew Financial offers KeystoneHELP home energy loans to help homeowners take advantage of thousands of money-saving efficiency upgrades. Financing is easy and approvals are fast.

Thousands of projects are eligible: Replace an outdated furnace, upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors, or even replace an older roof. Plus, up to 25% of the loan amount can be used for other home improvements.

KeystoneHELP is one the the longest running, most successful energy efficiency financing programs in the US, and we continue to lead the way in making home energy upgrades affordable for all Pennsylvanians.

Fixed monthly payments that never change

Many financing programs offer promotional or "teaser" interest rates that skyrocket if the loan balance is not paid off within the promotional period.

KeystoneHELP loans are fixed-rate loans that will never surprise you with rate hikes. The interest rate will never change, and KeystoneHELP offers longer terms than typical bank financing. You can pay it off or make additional principal payments at any time; there's no prepayment penalty.

Eligible Projects

Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to a new heating and cooling system, install new windows and doors, insulate your home, and more.

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  • Thank you! We are so happy to have an energy efficient affordable house.

    Jessica Griffin
  • This is a great program with even better customer service, keep up the good work!

    April Ritter
  • Thank you for making our loan and installation possible.

    Jim & Becky
  • Thank you for all the work and time you've put in, helping us get to the finish line on this house project.

    Judith & Janet




How are payments made?

KeystoneHELP payments are monthly bills, just like any other conventional financing.

Do I need to complete an energy audit of my home to qualify?

No, but it is encouraged. In certain cases, a property owner may want to have a qualified auditor evaluate his or her home to determine the most cost-effective measures to reduce the home's energy use. The costs of an energy assessment also can be financed with your loan.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply.

What are the benefits of a KeystoneHELP loan?

KeystoneHELP provides many benefits to property owners and the local economy, including:

  • Encourages the use of energy efficient products by making them more affordable
  • Helps property owners save energy and money
  • Helps Pennsylvania meet environmental standards and reduce carbon emissions
  • Helps stimulate the local economy by providing work for local contractors


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