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ReHome New York

The ReHome New York program will be suspended as of 9 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 30, 2017.

At this time, applications may no longer be submitted online. Applications will be accepted by phone until 9 p.m. EDT on June 30, 2017. After that time, no new applications will be accepted.

ReHome New York home energy loans are offered through a public/private partnership with the state of New York to help homeowners take advantage of thousands of money­saving efficiency upgrades. Financing is easy and approvals are fast. 

Thousands of projects are eligible: Replace an outdated furnace, upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors, install a new solar system, or even replace an older roof. Plus, up to 25% of the loan amount can be used for other home improvements. 

Low fixed rate, long payment terms 

Many financing programs offer promotional or "teaser" interest rates that skyrocket if the loan balance is not paid off within the promotional period. ReHome New York loans are fixed­-rate loans that will never surprise you with rate hikes. The interest rate will never change, and ReHome New York offers longer terms than typical bank financing. Plus, with no penalty for prepayment, you can pay it off or make additional principal payments at any time.

Eligible Projects

Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to a new heating and cooling system, install new windows and doors, insulate your home, and more.

Renewable Energy

Generate your own electricity with a solar or wind system, heat your pool with a solar hot water heater, charge your electric vehicle, and more. 

Safety and Resiliency

Prepare your home for severe weather with wind-resistant shingles, storm shutters, storm doors, and more.

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Who is eligible for a ReHome New York loan?

Homeowners in the state of New York are eligible for ReHome New York. All income levels are eligible. Good credit and the ability to repay are required.

What types of properties are eligible for ReHome?

One- and two-unit, owner-occupied properties are eligible for ReHome. Mobile or manufactured homes are not eligible unless permanently affixed to the property. Loans must be taken out by the property owner.

What upgrades are eligible for a ReHome New York loan?

Thousands of energy and water products and improvements are eligible, including appliances, heating and cooling equipment, lighting, windows and doors, air sealing and insulation, renewable energy products, water efficiency measures and more. A list of standard ReHome New York-eligible improvements is available from your contractor or can be downloaded here.

Can I pay off the loan early without penalty?

Yes. There is no penalty for pre-payment, so you may pay it off or make additional principal payments at any time.

How much money can I borrow?

The minimum amount that can be financed is $2,500. The maximum financing amount is $20,000.

Am I allowed to receive a rebate on home improvements being made?

Yes. Property owners are encouraged to pursue available Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs), utility rebates, and any other incentives. All or a portion of total incentives may be subtracted from the amount financed under the ReHome program; however, it is not required that the financed amount be reduced by the estimated value of the incentives. You can apply to receive a rebate, if available, on qualifying home upgrades through your utility or other programs.

Incentives for qualifying equipment can be found by contacting your local utility or NYSERDA.


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