3 Ways To Make Your Roof More Energy-Efficient

April 6, 2021

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining;” John F. Kennedy was speaking metaphorically, but the practical point nevertheless rings true. It just doesn’t make sense to wait until it’s too late to fix your aging or damaged roof. Once it is already exposed to the elements, a roof becomes a lot more difficult and costlier to make things right.

While the heating and cooling equipment in your home may keep you at the perfect temperature, the roof over your head is the first line of defense against unpredictable outdoor elements. As you consider ways to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, there are three PACE approved energy-efficient roofing upgrades that can meaningfully reduce the work required by your furnace and air conditioner to stabilize your indoor temperatures and save you money in the long run.

1. Install a Cool Roof

On a bright and sunny summer day, your roof can rise to temperatures much higher than what you see on a standard thermometer. Even though your local meteorologist may say it is 97ºF outside, it turns out your roof could be upwards of 150ºF

Installing cool roofing systems and techniques will reduce the heat your roof absorbs and can reduce the temperature in the air that surrounds your home by more than 50ºF. This means you’ll be running your air conditioner less, which could save you between 7% to 15% on energy costs.

Cool roof materials include a myriad of solar reflective products, including: 

●      Paints
●      Tiles
●      Shingles
●      Sheet coverings

You can read more about how cool roofs positively impact large urban areas by reducing the “heat island effect” here.

2. Upgrade Your Attic and Roof Deck Insulation

It surprises many homeowners to learn that proper insulation can keep excess heat out of a home during the warmer months, and preserve heat inside of a home during the winter.

At its core, insulation is meant to slow down the heat allowed to transfer between the outdoors and your living space. By properly insulating your attic and the area just below your roofing material (known as the roof deck), for instance, you may reduce overall energy usage by 11%.

Air holes and gaps are other common areas where your roof could be affecting your home’s overall energy efficiency. Sealing up these loose holes is called air sealing, and should be included in any comprehensive insulation upgrade project.

3. Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Your Attic

Though it is important to rid your home of unwanted air holes, cracks, and gaps, it is also important to make sure the air inside your home can be ventilated back outside; that way, you are receiving a steady supply of fresh air.

By controlling the airflow in and out of your home through proper ventilation in your attic, you can gain more control over the stability of the temperatures directly under your roof and ultimately in your living space. 

A comprehensive solution to gaining control over the ventilation of your home can be done through a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) installation.  These ventilation systems can reduce the load on your heating and cooling system by between 9% and 12% simply by using the surrounding heat in your home. HRVs or ERVs are a great way to save on energy bills at home and, at the same time, increase your indoor air quality.

Upgrade the Efficiency of your Roof Using PACE

Trying to find the most impactful roof cooling techniques is one thing; paying for those upgrades is another. This is why financing programs like PACE exist: to give homeowners options for adapting to an energy and carbon-conscious future and to also help them to save money on energy costs with energy-efficient home improvements. 

PACE financing offers homeowners the ability to reap the immediate benefits of energy savings while enabling them to pay for their upgrades over time with the following key advantages: 

●      Low fixed interest rate
●      No required upfront costs
●      No prepayment fees
●      Comprehensive disclosures
●      Direct customer support
●      Flexible repayment options

The built-in safeguards of PACE financing also ensure you are informed on every aspect of your roofing upgrade, and may better protect you from sub-par contractor work.

Wondering if the roof upgrade you are considering qualifies for PACE financing in Florida or California? Check here and browse our PACE project list to start planning for the energy-saving upgrades you need today.

Energy efficiency savings start from the top. Ask Renew Financial about using PACE financing for your roof upgrades today! 844-736-3934.

Important Disclosures

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