5 Inexpensive Ways to Hurricane Proof Your Home

August 26, 2021
Inexpensive ways to hurricane proof your home

Homeowners in east coastline states, like Florida, know that Hurricane season can bring unpredictably dangerous winds and destruction which can often cause costly damages to their property.  It’s estimated by the Congressional Budget Office that each year hurricanes and storm related floodings will cause US households to suffer $34 billion in damages. This is why regular preparation for these storms is important for the protection of your home and safety of your family.

The first part of storm preparedness is to take and maintain an inventory of basic items like battery powered flashlights, first aid kits, and non perishable foods. 

Inexpensive Hurricane Prep

In the middle of hurricane season many homeowners may be looking for inexpensive and quick ways to hurricane proof their home. Here are a few projects the county of Miami-Dade recommended to protect homes from hurricane damage:

Check Safety Alarms

Ensure all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Secure Entry Points

Use plywood to board up entry points like windows and doors.

Repair/Replace Fencing

Damaged fencing can quickly become airborne and cause damage to your home.

Asses the Yard

Bring in or secure lawn items that could become airborne and prune weak tree branches.

Prevent Flooding

Clean debris from gutters, redirect downspouts, and set up sandbags at entry points.

Inspect the Roof

Check for loose and/or damaged tiles or shingles on the roof that may need to be repaired.

It’s important to do an inventory of storm preparedness items well before hurricane season.  Having the right items on hand when a storm hits can be crucial to avoid further damage to your home and can increase safety and comfort for your family. Consider stocking up on the following items:

  • Surge Protectors: Can decrease the risk of damage to appliances and electronics.
  • Plywood: An affordable solution for protecting windows without shutters.
  • Sump Pump: To keep the basement or crawl space from flooding.
  • Air Conditioner Cover: Use a manufacturer approved cover that won’t void the warranty by trapping moisture.
  • Generator & Fuel: To keep your power going in the event of storm related outages.
  • Sand Bags: Use to prevent flooding by diverting water away from doors and foundation.

Finance Your Fortified Home with PACE

Monitoring the National Hurricane Center can help homeowners plan for a storm, but if the home is not properly fortified it can be susceptible to damage. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), allows homeowners to use the existing equity in their home to finance important hurricane resiliency projects like wind resistant roofing and impact windows and doors. 

Hurricane Resilient Roof

Will protect your home from water damage and structural compromise while increasing curb appeal.  By adding a secondary water barrier, a roof deck, and wind resistant shingles you will improve the safety of your home and lower energy bills.  

High Impact Windows 

Are built to withstand hurricane winds, protecting your loved ones from shattered glass and the elements from blowing into your home.  They are sealed and coated to increase energy efficiency and the curb appeal of your home.

At Renew Financial we know how important and timely these projects can be for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home. The following features of PACE help homeowners finance their hurricane resiliency and energy efficiency projects when it matters:

  • Same-day approval
  • No money down
  • Finance up to $250,000 
  • No minimum FICO score

Don’t get caught unprepared when a storm hits!  Apply and get approved the same day or speak with one of our experts at 844.736.3934!

Important Disclosures

PACE financing is subject to approval. Underwriting requirements and restrictions apply. PACE financing is secured by a lien on the subject property and often required to be repaid upon refinance or sale. Homeowners should perform due diligence before selecting a home improvement contractor. PACE financing is private financing that must be repaid in full. PACE financing is not a government subsidy. Homeowners are encouraged to use PACE financing responsibly.

Renew Financial is a private company and not a government entity.  The installation or construction of property improvements financed with a PACE assessment is provided through a home improvement contractor or other third-party provider, and not by Renew Financial or a government entity. Financing provided in California through Department of Financial Innovation and Protection License No. 60DBO-90653.