Audrey & Albert K. from Delray Beach, FL

February 22, 2021

We used to board our condo every year and we would sweat it out during the hurricane season. We decided that this year we were going to get impact windows and doors but we really didn’t have the money readily available to lay it out, so we researched PACE financing further and we found out about Renew through one of the contractors we were considering. 

We also considered other financing options, but we didn’t really want to have a mortgage payment. We actually bought our condo cash because we didn’t want a mortgage payment. We found that PACE was perfect for us. It enabled us to make our place safe, and not have to worry about the hurricanes. With PACE we just make one annual payment and that works very easily for us. Setting aside money each month is very convenient and doable, so that our annual payment is ready to go when it's time to pay our annual payment.   

We are very very pleased with the way Renew Financial treated us - from the way were first greeted on the phone, to the way things were explained to us, to getting the financing to the finish line. We had spoken with another well known PACE company here in Florida, but we were not pleased with just how they treated us, they simply weren’t as nice as Renew. They didn’t explained things to us, it was kind of like this is this and that is that. There was no time and personal attention like Renew gave us. Renew was with us every step of the way, and our representative was wonderful working with us during the entire transaction.

All and all, it was a true professional experience and quick processing. As senior citizens it was a wonderful option to have access to PACE financing to allow you to get things done that you need in your home. You can get it financed and you can pay it off over a period of time and we think that’s wonderful because a lot of seniors, and non-seniors, who do not have that kind of money to pay upfront can access PACE financing to make their homes safer and more energy efficient.

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