The Benefits of Seismic Retrofitting

September 10, 2020
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Although earthquakes happen unexpectedly and without notice across the world, according to scientists, California has greater than 99% risk of having one or more magnitude 6.7 or stronger earthquakes within the next 30 years.

The structural damages caused by an earthquake can be devastating and bring a long-lasting financial hardship. Homes can be declared inhabitable, and homeowners can spend years paying for costly repairs, all while paying the mortgage and rental costs for a temporary residence.

With adequate preparation you can minimize the impact an earthquake can have on your home’s structural integrity, finances, and family’s safety.


According to California Earthquake Authority (“CEA”), the following home types (built before 1980) are at higher risk for severe structural damage during an earthquake because many were not built to withstand shaking and moving: 

  • Homes with a crawl space (stem-wall or cripple-wall),
  • Homes with a soft-story,
  • Homes built on a hillside, and
  • Posts and pier homes

A retrofit, sometimes referred as a seismic retrofit, makes a home safer and more resistant to structural damage by keeping it from being shifted from its foundation during an earthquake.


A Safer Home

Suitably retrofitted homes are stronger against shaking and damage caused by an earthquake, making them safer by reducing the probability of injury or even death in a violent earthquake and improving the chances of the home being habitable after the fact. 

Reduce repair costs

Without a seismic retrofit, the repair costs after a damaging earthquake could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The costs to retrofit your home now will be a lot cheaper than it will be to repair you home after an earthquake. 

Save on earthquake insurance premiums

Many insurance companies offer earthquake premium discounts for older homes that have been adequately retrofitted.

Peace of Mind

All in all, a seismic retrofit gives you peace of mind knowing that you have increased your home’s safety and the probability of your home to withstand a devastating earthquake.


According to Los Angeles Times, retrofitting single-family homes is considered one of the cheapest seismic improvements available. A foundation bolting process usually cost about $3,000 to $7,000. Homes built on hillsides, larger homes, and those with a soft-story (rooms over garages) will typically cost more to retrofit. Many houses that require only bolting cost about $3,000. Learn how to retrofit your home.


Although a seismic retrofit is considered one of the least expensive home seismic improvements, many homeowners do not have the ability to pay thousands of dollars upfront.  Keeping your family safe and increasing your home’s resiliency from the hazards of an earthquake shouldn’t be reserved for only those that can afford the upfront price tag. Through PACE financing, you can finance the cost to retrofit your home in qualified California communities.  

Finance 100% of your seismic retrofit project with no money upfront, a competitive fixed interest rate, and no credit score requirements with PACE financing from Renew Financial.

Discover today if PACE financing is a viable option for your seismic retrofit project, click HERE or call us at 844-736-3934 to get started.


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