Contractor Spotlight: Goldin Solar

March 20, 2019

Florida solar contractor Goldin Solar has generated over 7 million kWh of solar energy, saved their customers $914,421 on their energy costs, and reduced almost 11 million pounds of CO2. Those are impressive numbers by any measure, and Goldin Solar only gets more impressive from there. 

Goldin Solar is a pioneer in Florida solar energy for homeowners and businesses, and RenewPACE financing has helped them install residential solar PV systems throughout the entire state.

Daren Goldin, founder of Goldin Solar

Florida’s Turnkey Solar Contractor

From the beginning, Goldin Solar has been engineer centric and customer driven. Serving both residential and commercial customers, they focus on making solar energy “pencil out” as a smart investment for Florida homeowners and businesses. 

What truly sets Goldin Solar apart from other Florida solar contractors is their panel-level system monitoring. For every solar PV system they install, Goldin Solar will give customers the ability to monitor the efficiency of the panels for the life of the system, meaning they will ensure that each individual component is fully functional and operating at its optimized peak performance.

Goldin Solar also prioritizes quality and choosing the right materials for the job. Why? Because it pays off for the customer. For most homeowners, solar is an investment that they’re hoping will give them a positive return through cheaper and more consistent energy rates. With higher quality materials, homeowners may be able to see a better return on their investment. In Florida, quality and higher efficiency require accounting for the climate:  hurricane zones with high temperatures, humidity, and salinity in the air.

RenewPACE and Goldin Solar

Goldin Solar is a top partner of Renew Financial and one of our first Master Contractors. That means they offer the most competitive interest rates available for any PACE financing.

To date, Goldin Solar has helped about 400 homeowners in Florida finance their solar energy systems with RenewPACE. Daren Goldin, owner of Goldin Solar, says he prefers RenewPACE financing because of the friendly and always-available staff, interest rate options for every budget, and most importantly the Progress Payments program.

Progress Payments allow selected contractors to get paid as work progresses, instead of waiting until after all work is complete to receive a single payment for the entire project. For Goldin Solar, Progress Payments make it possible for them to work on more jobs at a time, helping more Florida homeowners get the benefits of solar. 

Daren Goldin says, “Over the years, Renew has worked hard to keep PACE working for homeowners. PACE financing is a powerful tool that can greatly help homeowners as well as the construction industry. Renew has taken the role of guardian for this platform very seriously by ensuring that best PACE lending practices are upheld.” 

If you are looking for a trusted, full service, and certified solar contractor in Florida with flexible financing options for any budget, check out Goldin Solar to design and install the solar PV system you deserve for decades of energy savings.




Phone: (305) 469-9790
Located in: Doral, Florida
Service area: All of Florida
PACE-eligible products: Solar energy systems
Online ratings: 4.5-5 stars on EnergySage, Facebook, Google, Solar Reviews, and Yelp