Contractor Spotlight: NorCal Home Systems

August 21, 2019
PACE is a Valuable Tool for Homeowners

PACE is a Valuable Tool for Homeowners & Home Businesses 

We spoke with Matthew (Matt) Yancy to get the scoop on how PACE financing is benefiting homeowners and the contractors that offer the financing option. Matt has been the Vice President and Partner of NorCal Home Systems for two years and is a successful Renew Financial Master Contractor. 

Matt shared, "60 to 75 percent of our customers choose to use CaliforniaFIRST (PACE financing) for their home improvement projects. The other percentage of customers pay for their projects with cash, an unsecured loan, or other traditional financing options. Sometimes when our customers realize the benefits of the PACE program, they will choose to finance with PACE instead of using their out-of-pocket cash."

NorCal Home Systems is seeing that one of the most significant PACE benefits to the customer is being able to finance multiple projects at the same time. "There are some product-specific financing options out there, like a solar loan program, but that doesn't help a customer if they also want to install new windows. With PACE, the customer can finance both of those projects at the same time," stated Matt. When customers finance those projects with a PACE assessment, it gives customers one payment to manage instead of taking out multiple lines of credit.

Customer Uses PACE to Safeguard His Home Business

A couple of months ago, a NorCal Home Systems customer chose PACE to finance a solar and a battery backup system upgrade. The home improvement dramatically decreased their reliance on power from the energy company and safeguarded his home business.

Matt shared, "This was during the time where PG&E announced the wildfire safety program, where they were essentially threatening to shut off people's power in certain areas. The customer was greatly concerned that if he didn't have an independent electrical solution that his whole business could be in jeopardy."

The customer's property is located in a key California area affected by the wildfire safety program. The customer needed a pretty substantial solar system to become energy independent and reduce his electric bills. 

One of the customer’s biggest concerns was cash flow because he owns several properties and is a small business owner. However, he was able to utilize PACE for his home improvement needs. Within 30 days, the customer was able to reap the benefits of a fully independent energy solution. He can rest assured that he will not be entirely out of power when he needs it most to run his home business. Matt stated, "He owes everything to CaliforniaFIRST (Renew Financial) for helping keep his business, in business."

Committed to Offering PACE 

NorCal Home System truly believes in the benefits that CaliforniaFIRST (PACE financing) by Renew Financial (Renew) has to offer property owners. So much so that they make sure that every product they offer is eligible for PACE.

Matt shared, "We are proud to tell customers that we are partnered up with a program (CaliforniaFIRST) that is amazing. It's a program that allows people to get started with zero money out of pocket has some great benefits on the back end for customers as well. The fact that they can pay it back through on their property taxes rather than taking out a private loan with the bank has great benefits."

Renew Financial Helps Contractors

"One of the biggest reasons I choose to work with Renew is that they're the only provider that I've seen that truly believes in their mission. On the sales side, the operational side, and the executive side, they impact our business positively," stated Matt.

As a Renew Financial Master Contractor, NorCal Home Systems offers homeowners competitive PACE interest rates, fast financing approvals, and best-in-class customer service. These benefits come from a company that believes in doing the right thing.

Also, NorCal Home Systems benefits from using Renew's progress payment options for PACE to help them manage their cash flow and speed up insulation for the customers. Progress payments help them order products faster, pay their workers throughout the project, and get the project completed quicker than without having the option of progress payments.

About NorCal Home Systems

NorCal Home Systems is a family-owned and operated energy-efficient home remodeling company. They specialize in windows, roofing, solar, and battery storage systems. Their service area covers the entire northern California Bay Area, including Tracy, Santa Rosa, and Gilroy.

The company was started in 2018 and the owner has over 30 years of experience in the home remodeling industry. He partnered with Matt Yancy, Vice President to grow the business. They typically have ten to twelve Energy Specialists available to serve residents in the Bay Area. NorCal Home Systems takes pride in completing 100% of their solar projects with in-house specialists. 

Start your home upgrade with NorCal Home System and PACE today.

Phone: (877) 828-5582  
Located in: Concord, California
PACE-eligible products: Solar, Battery Energy Storage, Windows, and Roofing

Statements made based on information and qualifications available at the time of publication.  NorCal Home Systems is an independent contractor of Renew Financial Group LLC and its PACE financing program.  NorCal Home Systems is not legally owned, controlled, affiliated with or endorsed by Renew Financial Group LLC or its affiliates in any way.