Contractor Spotlight: Smart Energy, Inc.

July 10, 2019
Smart Energy Hurricane-Resiliency Image

Bringing Hurricane-Resiliency & Solar to Florida Homeowners

Recently, we interviewed Noam Yahav, Founder and CEO of Smart Energy, Inc., to find out how his solar company makes a meaningful impact in Florida communities by helping homeowners rebuild their homes after natural disasters, and install solar panels for long-term energy savings.

In 2018, Hurricane Michael utterly wiped out entire neighborhoods. The Category 4 storm brought heavy rains and winds that wreaked havoc on many homeowner's roofs, windows, and doors. Insurance agencies were overwhelmed with claims, so funds for vital home repairs were slow to reach households that were in great need.

One Florida family had been living under a makeshift tarp roof, with pots and pans scattered around the floor to catch leaking water. However, Smart Energy stepped up to the plate to assist this family and so many others. For this family, Smart Energy installed a new energy-efficient roof and solar panels to help the family save money on their electric bills.

Noam shared, "This family, like so many other working-class homeowners we work with, did not have large savings to rely on to make needed repairs and upgrades."

However, the family was able to afford the home reconstruction and solar energy improvements due to PACE financing. As a Renew Financial Master Contractor, Smart Energy was able to offer this Florida family low PACE financing rates and quick financing approval from Renew Financial. 

Noam has witnessed how PACE financing can improve the lives of homeowners who never thought they could afford disaster resiliency reconstruction and solar energy upgrades. 

For example, "For too long, solar panels were only seen in the 'wealthy' neighborhoods or on large mansion-style homes, but through our partnership with Renew Financial, we can bring the benefits of solar power and energy-efficient products to all communities and homes," stated Noam.

Being able to offer these homeowners access to PACE financing enables many households to make much-needed home improvements. Master Contractor Smart Energy, with Renew Financial, is proud to be a crucial part of building up Florida's communities by making renewable energy accessible to a wide range of households. 

Smart Energy has installed hundreds of American made solar systems in Florida. It is proud to be a one-stop-shop for solar energy-efficient needs. Smart Energy goes above and beyond to help all types of homeowners. Renew Financial is pleased to have Smart Energy as a part of its Master Contractor program.


Phone: 1 (888) 236-3599

Located in: Deerfield, Florida
PACE-eligible products: Solar, Roofing, Heat & Air, Windows

Statements made based on information and qualifications available at the time of publication.  Smart Energy, Inc. is an independent contractor of Renew Financial Group LLC and its PACE financing program.  Smart Energy, Inc. is not legally owned, controlled, affiliated with or endorsed by Renew Financial Group LLC or its affiliates in any way.