Contractor Spotlight: A to Z G.C.

September 8, 2020

A to Z G.C., based in South Florida, is growing quickly in the home improvement space as it adapts to successfully meet the changing needs of Florida homeowners, especially in the areas of energy and hurricane resiliency upgrades. A to Z G.C. is having tremendous success, and RenewPACE financing has been essential to that effort.

We interviewed Avi Zaguri and Jordan Guigui, the owners of A to Z G.C., to find out how RenewPACE financing by Renew Financial ("Renew") is benefiting Florida homeowners who need or want to upgrade their homes to make them safer and more energy-efficient.

Tell us about A to Z G.C.

A to Z G.C. started out as a small engineering practice years ago and since then we have transformed into a trusted brand. A to Z G.C. offers the following services:

  • Solar Power
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Windows and Doors
  • And more!

At A to Z G.C. we understand how important it is to our clients to have energy efficient homes and feel safe within their homes. Our team of skilled professionals aspires to make both the process of going solar and building hurricane proof homes an achievable option for everyone.

Why Does A to Z G.C. Offer RenewPACE?

RenewPACE offers homeowners some of the best benefits in home improvement financing, such as:

  • NO FICO requirements,
  • low fixed interest rates,
  • and longer terms

 The customer service, qualification process, and the fact that our clients are happy with the attention and service they receive, makes our team prefer RenewPACE.

Additionally, Renew Financial (“Renew”) supports our team with the tools and resources necessary to educate our clients on the program. Education is super important to us; every client is different and we need to be able to provide all the information they need to understand the benefits of the program to make an informed decision.

What does the future hold for A to Z G.C.?

The ability to offer PACE financing from Renew is helping our business grow at a fast rate. We are helping more homeowners than ever before accomplish their home improvement goals. We don’t see anything but a stronger relationship with Renew Financial in the years to come.

How can customers contact A to Z G.C.?

 Start your home upgrade with A to Z G.C. and PACE today.

Phone: (954) 994-0914

Business Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 8AM – 8PM
Friday: 8AM – 4PM
Saturday – Closed

A to Z G.C. is A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”)

Statements made based on information and qualifications available at the time of publication. A to Z G.C. is an independent contractor of Renew Financial Group LLC and its PACE financing program.  A to Z G.C. is not legally owned, controlled, affiliated with or endorsed by Renew Financial Group LLC or its affiliates in any way.