Florida and California Mayors write Op-ed in Support of PACE

May 22, 2017
Op-ed in The Hill Supporting PACE

Epitomizing the extensive bipartisan support for PACE financing, Jeri Muoio Ph.D., Democratic Mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida and Rex Parris, Republican Mayor of Lancaster, California, today released a joint op-ed in The Hill.  The two mayors discuss the benefits of PACE financing, including job creation, increased economic activity and homeowners able to affordably renovate their property to be more valuable, comfortable and efficient.  

Mayors Muoio and Parris also address the federal challenges facing PACE, saying it is  “bewildering to see lawmakers in Congress trying to kill” this innovative financing mechanism. The two mayors discuss the possible motivations behind this misguided effort and note that due to strong internal and state-level consumer protections, the federal bills under consideration are not needed, and would be harmful if passed as written. Please read more here: http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/energy-environment/334473-congress-should-let-local-communities-set-their-own