Insulation: The Koozie for Your Home

August 3, 2017
Learn why Insulation is the Koozie for your California home this summer!

Summer’s a time to enjoy the sunshine and cold drinks — not struggle with a hot home. Unfortunately, many homeowners across California and Florida are dealing with air conditioning problems or areas of their home that are too hot and sticky to tolerate. Keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer starts with preventing outside heat from coming in, similar to how a koozie keeps your drink cold.

What is a Koozie and How Does it Work?

A koozie, sometimes also called a coozy, is a foam sleeve designed specifically for cans or bottles to keep beverages cold. You might see them in use at a backyard barbeque or by the beach during the summer. The foam material offers thermal insulation and slows heat transfer, so the drink doesn’t warm up quickly because of the air, sun, or hand of whoever’s holding it.

How Home Insulation Acts like a Koozie During the Summer

Although many homeowners only think of insulation in the winter, it’s also essential in the summer. Similar to a koozie, insulation helps to keep your home cooler by stopping outside heat from making its way in and undoing the hard work of your air conditioner.

Proper Home Insulation

While your house may have some insulation, if you’ve been wondering why you’re still hot despite having AC or scratching your head at consistently high air conditioning and heating costs throughout the year — inadequate insulation may be the culprit. By resisting the transfer of heat during the summer, proper insulation acts like a koozie. In the winter, it acts like a down coat — keeping the heat in.

While most koozies are made of foam, there is a wide range of insulation materials for the home, including spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool and even denim. To make sure that whatever insulation type you choose is effective, it should be installed by a professional.

Benefits of Insulation

A home that is properly insulated will experience many benefits — not just in the summer, but also in the winter.

  • Exceptional comfort with cooler temperatures in the summer and additional warmth in the winter

  • Lower air conditioning and heating bills

  • Reduced wear and tear on home HVAC systems

  • Sound dampening

  • Greater energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint

Make Your Home “Koozie” with Financing from Renew Financial

Insulation will make your home cozy during the cooler months and will be like a koozie during the summer. You’ll stay comfortable while reducing your bills and reducing your environmental impact.

Renew Financial’s PACE programs (CaliforniaFIRST and RenewPACE) can help make insulation upgrades to your home affordable. You may be eligible to receive $0 down financing, which can be repaid on your home’s property tax bills over 5-30 years.* The amount you’ll be able to borrow is based on your home equity. The interest rate is fixed, and if you ever decide to sell your home, the balance due can transfer to new owner if the home is sold, subject to lender approval. Stay comfortable in a more energy-efficient home by improving its insulation!

Keep your home cool for the rest of the summer and make sure it’s warm for the upcoming winter. Check your eligibility for financing your new insulation.

*30-year term not available in all areas, subject to eligible equipment, eligible jurisdiction and approval.