Master Contractor Spotlight: Storm Tight Windows

September 26, 2019

Upgrading FL Homes with High Impact Windows & Doors

We interviewed Tristan Brown to find out how RenewPACE financing by Renew Financial is benefiting Florida homeowners who need or want to upgrade their windows or doors. Tristan is the Finance Manager of Storm Tight Windows, a Renew Master Contractor. 

Tristan shared, "About 30-35% of our homeowner customers use RenewPACE financing, which consists of 22-30 deals monthly." Storm Tight Windows sees that PACE financing is a good fit for many homeowners. 

Financing Windows & Doors with PACE 

Storm Tight Windows have come across several homeowners who were retired couples. The homeowners travel six to eight months out of the year, and they wanted to have one or two payments annually, so they don't have to manage monthly repayments. PACE financing was an excellent fit for these homeowners' needs. 

For example, Tristan shared that "a recent customer lives in Germany much of the year but owns a home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They wanted the simplicity of being able to make one annual payment on their home improvement financing."

The homeowners choose RenewPACE to finance 23 windows and two doors in their home. They now benefit from having Category 5 Hurricane Impact windows – the highest grade of glass and Miami-Dade County approved. Their home is better protected against tropical storms and hurricanes. Storm Tight Windows' are also Energy Star Rated, provide 99% blockage of ultraviolet light, and can reduce home energy consumption by up to 40%, an added benefit for the homeowner.

Why Choose RenewPACE

Storm Tight Windows has been offering RenewPACE financing to homeowners for almost two years. They routinely suggest Renew Financials' PACE financing for multiple reasons:

  • The easy financing processes
  • The competitive interest rates
  • The outstanding sales support
  • The funding offers homeowners the flexibility to do a complete home window & door upgraded, instead of partial jobs
  • The company's history & values

 "We have several customers that love being able to be a part of a company like Renew, which tries to help out with the environment and help others."   

According to Tristan, Renew Financial is more than PACE financing. Storm Tight Windows sales representatives talk to homeowners about Renew's company background. Then they tell them that Renew offers easy PACE financing at competitive interest rates and terms since they are a Renew Master Contractor. This strategy helps them serve more homeowners by winning more deals. Tristan shared, "We find we get a better response from customers with this approach." 

Tristan provided nothing but rave reviews regarding Renew's sales support: "Our Renew Sales Manager is an outstanding resource. He helps us with all aspects of the PACE financing process, from the start of an application to getting the jobs funded. He even works with our customers, to help them understand the PACE program. If a question about PACE arises that we can't answer, our Renew Sales Manager can explain the answer." 

About Storm Tight Windows

Storm Tight Windows is a family-owned and operated business. They manufacture and sell hurricane impact windows. They also sell hurricane impact doors. They are one of the few contractors in Florida that makes their windows.  

Their largest office is in Florida, but they do have locations in other states. In Florida the serve Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, Saint Lucie, and Dade Counties, including West Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Aventura, Miami, Miami Beach, and all other cities in greater South Florida. 

This Master Contractor's installers and inspectors are all in-house. They also do all their permitting in-house. They care about doing the job right the first time, so they send their inspectors out for progress checks and before final inspections to make sure even little things like caulking is up to standards. 

Storm Tight Windows maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is a Qualified Remodeler 500.

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Phone: (877) WINDOWS (Spanish speakers available)  
Located in: Deerfield, Florida
PACE-eligible products: Windows and Doors

Statements made based on information and qualifications available at the time of publication.  Storm Tight Windows is an independent contractor of Renew Financial Group LLC and its PACE financing program. Storm Tight Windows is not legally owned, controlled, affiliated with or endorsed by Renew Financial Group LLC or its affiliates in any way.