Master Contractor Spotlight: Unlimited Solar

October 24, 2019
Unlimited Solar with PACE Financing
Helping Customers Install Necessary Energy-Efficient Upgrades

We interviewed Justin Talmadge to find out how RenewPACE financing by Renew Financial is benefiting Florida homeowners who need or want a more energy-efficient home with solar and other upgrades. Justin is the Owner and President of Unlimited Solar Technology Corp, a Renew Master Contractor. In addition to running the business, he is still an active installer on many jobs.

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Justin decided to specialize in solar because he felt "it would make a difference, not only locally but worldly, by helping the environment, helping people save money on their electric bill, and helping people become more energy independent."

Unlimited Solar sees that PACE financing is a good fit for customers that:

  • Want an energy-efficient home
  • Want long term financing
  • Would like to finance multiple home upgrades
  • Unsecured financing is not a good fit

Justin shared, "Many customers choose PACE because they can finance all their energy-efficiency home upgrades, like solar, air conditioners, water heaters, attic fans, and more. They are not limited to financing one project. They also like paying it back annually over time on their property tax bill."

A Case for Financing Solar and More

About a year ago, Justin was onboarding a new sales representative and decided to take him out to meet with a customer in Miami. The customers thought it would be nice to make their house more energy-efficient but they were not sure what options to choose. Justin went over the product and service options that his contractors could install and the costs.

The wife was skeptical about the energy-efficient home upgrades and was not sure if the benefits outweigh the cost. The customers had lived in the home for less than two months, and they had just received an electric bill. While Justin was in the house, the wife opened the bill and saw the cost was over $500, which was much higher than she ever expected. The customers now felt that the energy-efficient home upgrades were a necessity, not just a nice to have for the long term.

In order to help the customers shoulder the cost of the home upgrades, Justin told the customers about RenewPACE financing. The customers completed the Renew Financial application online and were quickly approved. PACE financing helped them install a new roof with solar, new air conditioner, and solar pool heater. The husband was ecstatic to be able to make their home more energy-efficient.

Why Choose RenewPACE 

Master Contractor Unlimited Solar has been offering RenewPACE financing to homeowners since 2017. Justin has been a supporter of PACE financing since it became available in 2013. Unlimited Solar’s sales representatives routinely suggest Renew Financials' PACE financing for multiple reasons:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy financing processes
  • Fast decision times
  • Ability to finance multiple projects
  • Outstanding sales support

Justin shared, "RenewPACE is a huge asset for homeowners and contractors alike. It's an easy financial tool to work with and to get customers approved. Many customers are approved while we are still in the home. Also, Renew Financial's progress payment option helps us financially, so we can continue to grow and create more sales without slowing down our business due to lack of cash flow."

About Unlimited Solar

Unlimited Solar was accredited to install solar in January 2017. The Master Contractor services all of Florida, with a large bulk of their jobs occurring in the tri-county area. Their specialty is the installation of solar PV, energy-efficient water heaters, attic fans, pool heaters, and pumps for residential and commercial customers.

All of their solar panels are American made and above the industry standards for durability and lifespan.

Unlimited Solar installations are typically completed within 3-6 weeks unless they are impacted by weather or installation of a new roof. Justin shared, "From start to finish, we pride ourselves on being one of the quickest and most reliable contractors in Florida. It’s important that our customers always come first." 

This Master Contractor's installers are all in-house; the only time work is subcontracted is for major roof repair or replacements. Unlimited Solar has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau since 2017. The business has a BuildZoom rating of 114, which places them above 98% of the 191,428 contractors in Florida. Renew Financial is pleased to have Unlimited Solar as a part of its Master Contractor program. 

Let Unlimited Solar install your energy-efficient upgrades today!

Phone: (954) 982-4761
Located in: Hollywood, Florida
PACE-eligible products: Solar PV, water heaters, attic fans, pool heaters, and pumps

Statements made based on information and qualifications available at the time of publication. Unlimited Solar Technology Corp is an independent contractor of Renew Financial Group LLC and its PACE financing program.  Unlimited Solar Technology Corp is not legally owned, controlled, affiliated with or endorsed by Renew Financial Group LLC or its affiliates in any way.