The Positive Impact of PACE Financing

December 10, 2019
Positive Impact of PACE

2019 has been yet another productive year of providing homeowners access to the financing options they need to make energy and safety home improvements. Let’s take a look at how many homeowners have utilized the benefits of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing since its inception, and the positive effects of making America’s homes safer and more energy conscious.

$5 Billion in Energy-Saving Improvements

To date, PACE financing has helped more than 200,000 homeowners invest over $5 billion in energy efficiency projects in the states where PACE is available (including Renew Financial’s service areas of Florida and California). Some of the top upgrades include:

  • Upgrades and Replacement of broken or failing heating and cooling systems 
  • Water heater upgrades 
  • Air sealing and insulation 
  • ENERGY STAR doors, windows, and roofing replacement 
  • Solar photovoltaic system installation 
  • Water conservation and resiliency measures

 These home improvements are putting homeowners on a path to save hundreds of millions of dollars in utility costs.

Conserving Water with PACE - 10 Billion Gallons Saved

Homeowners are utilizing this energy efficiency financing option to save on water — and save a lot. To date, it is estimated that by using more efficient water fixtures and implementing drought-resistant landscaping (or xeriscaping), California PACE customers have saved over 10 billion gallons of water. 

Making Homes Safer - $500 Million in Damages Avoided

From wildfires to hurricanes to earthquakes, homeowners are making their homes safer using PACE financial aid. It is estimated that through hurricane resiliency upgrades, PACE financing in Florida has prevented $500 million in property damages and can help avoid $700 million in future insurance premium costs.  

Saving Energy - Reducing 1.65 Megatons of Carbon Emissions 

When you combine the efficiencies that PACE is responsible for, it adds up. The 200,000 homeowners as mentioned above have kept 1.65 megatons of greenhouse emissions from further accelerating the effects of climate change through energy efficiency upgrades made to their homes.1 

Want to know how much your energy efficiency upgrades have saved in CO2 emissions? Take a look at the Environmental Protection Agency’s CO2 Calculator! 

Enjoy the Benefits of PACE 

Homeowners that take advantage of the PACE financing program across the United States are reducing their carbon footprint and making their homes safer from the damage of certain weather events. If you are looking to take your home’s energy efficiency into your own hands, PACE financing provides you access to the upfront costs of your home upgrades so you can maximize your home improvement projects.  

With PACE financing from Renew Financial, you gain access to 100% of your project financing (up to $250,000), with no upfront costs. Your funds are locked in at a competitive low-interest rate that is based on repayment terms and not your credit score.

Join the hundreds of thousands of Americans that are using PACE financing for their energy efficiency and resilience upgrades. Talk to the PACE financing experts at Renew Financial today.

1 Internal calculation completed with the EPA calculator 8/2019.