Renew Financial Announces $158 Million Securitization of PACE Assets

April 27, 2021
PACE creator and the nation's most experienced provider, Renew Financial, announces its 8th PACE securitization.

OAKLAND, Calif., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Renew Financial, the nation's most experienced provider of residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, announced today the completion of its latest PACE ABS transaction totaling $157.9 million. This is the company's eighth PACE securitization.

The issuance included $134.4 million of class A notes, $4.2 million of class M notes, and $19.4 million of class B notes, rated AAA, AA and BBB, respectively by DBRS. Sustainalytics provided a second-party opinion confirming the class A and M notes, which represent one hundred percent of the face value of the collateral supporting the transaction, align with the Green Bond Principles 2018 published by the International Capital Markets Association.

"The success of this transaction underscores investor demand for high-quality PACE assets, and will further our mission of providing affordable financing to homeowners making critical energy efficiency and resiliency improvements," said Andrew Griffin, Renew Financial's Treasurer. "We're pleased that the market is showing increasingly strong support for green bonds and that Renew Financial can help contribute to this momentum with its ABS issuances," he added.

"Through this asset-backed offering, Renew Financial reconfirmed its presence as a historic leader in PACE financing for American homeowners. The offering was well received by a broad range of institutional investors," said David Bondy, Managing Director of Natixis Securities Americas LLC. "Natixis is committed to supporting clients focused on environmentally and socially responsible financing, which is why being at the forefront of the PACE space and its progress has been a priority for us. We are pleased to be a longstanding financing partner for Renew, and by association, a leader in the placement of ESG qualifying securitizations."

"The completion of this transaction represents a significant milestone in our plan and strengthens our position in the industry to continue to offer affordable home improvement financing to property owners in California and Florida for years to come," said Mark Floyd, the company's CEO. "Now more than ever property owners across the nation need to have at their disposal affordable financing programs, like PACE financing, that enable them to improve the efficiency, safety, and resiliency of their homes. We are committed to making PACE financing available to property owners nationwide."

PACE financing – created by Renew Financial – has made a positive impact on the environment and economy by enabling more than 247,000 American homeowners to make eligible improvements to their properties, creating over 75,000 jobs, generating over $12B in gross economic output, and saving 12B gallons of water and over 20B kWh-e energy. PACE financing allows homeowners to make a wide array of sustainable home improvements with no upfront payment, then repay the financing over time through an additional line item on their property taxes.

About Renew Financial
Renew Financial Group LLC (Renew Financial) is one of the nation's leading providers of financing for sustainable building improvement projects with a bold vision to create financial access to a safe, healthy and sustainable world. Renew Financial administers Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs operating in California and Florida to strengthen communities by making homes more resilient, efficient, and valuable. Renew Financial has funded more than $1.1B in PACE projects that have led to greenhouse gas reductions (GHGs) equivalent to removing over 305,000 cars from the road.