Renewable energy drives job growth

March 22, 2015

As the demand for clean energy grows, so do jobs

It shouldn't be a surprise that as the demand for sustainable energy has grown in California, the green job market has grown as well. The clean energy sector has become a more robust part of the overall economy and the rate of growth has opened the floodgates of opportunity for skilled workers. Recent California news reports have highlighted impressive job growth rates in the clean energy industries, and the market is expected to grow 17% this year. The solar sector alone has enjoyed a 16% increase in jobs since 2013. Although many industries have not been as quick to recover from the sluggish growth of years past, CaliforniaFIRST is grateful to be a part of the clean energy industry. Jobs in clean energy rose 5% last year, a percentage more than double the state's overall 2.2% job growth rate and about triple the national job growth rate of 1.6%. While these numbers are impressive from an industry perspective, they also have a huge impact on homeowners. As you start to consider working with energy efficiency contractors to upgrade your home, consider working with a CaliforniaFIRST approved contractor.

The Best Contractors

The sustainable energy industry has come out of its early growth stage and hit a steady stride of expansion. That expansion has resulted in not only more jobs, but better contractors doing the work. The best contractors, builders, architects and HVAC professionals got involved in clean energy early. The newly formed industry attracted professionals who could see the potential for success and weren't intimidated by new technologies and unfamiliar business models. Now, there are thousands of contractors who are experts on solar, wind, energy efficiency and clean energy technologies and products. As early adopters, they have seen the opportunities evolve and have an intimate understanding of what options work best in the home. The contractors we work with at CaliforniaFIRST are knowledgable and can help you decide what will have the longest positive effect on your energy efficiency.

Quality Tradesmen

The clean energy industry has attracted highly skilled workers and tradesmen from all areas: builders, architects, engineers and HVAC specialists. New certifications and requirements have allowed these skilled tradesmen to expand their knowledge into home performance and energy efficiency. We ensure that our partner contractors have received the highest quality training and certifications from Building Performance Institute, Residential Energy Services Network and other industry leaders. The rigorous training these organizations provide ensures that the contractors who work with CaliforniaFIRST have been well trained and vetted. When hiring your next tradesperson, be sure to ask about their certifications to make sure you are getting the most comprehensive experts in clean energy and home performance.


The leaders in clean energy don't only aim to make your home as efficient as possible, they are also trained to see how your home works within the community. Our goals reach beyond the energy efficiency of one home as we work to improve the water and energy efficiency of entire communities, the state of California and beyond. CaliforniaFIRST financing is helping to create demand for green-collar jobs and local energy efficiency jobs. We are proud to partner with the best and brightest contractors in the clean energy industry. Contact CaliforniaFIRST today at 844-589-7953 to learn more about our top-quality contractors.