Standing Against Racism

June 8, 2020

The senseless murder of George Floyd is the latest in a series of injustices the Black community has suffered, at a time when the COVID pandemic has already shaken the world in unprecedented ways. At Renew Financial, we firmly believe that no one should be unsafe because of the color of their skin. 

As a country, we must commit to making diversity and inclusion a full-time goal and not just a show we put on when the anger, pain, and frustrations of inexcusable racial violence are brought to the forefront of society. We must have systems and goals in place that continue to work towards dismantling systemic racism.

As a first step, we are creating an Employee Resource Group for Renew Financial Employees of color. In service of this mission, Olivia White, VP of Government Affairs, will be spearheading leadership of our Diversity & Inclusion function to ensure it remains one of our top priorities and brings about real change. We cannot and will not be lulled back into complacency when the unrest calms down. 

Renew Financial’s employees, customers, contractors, and partners are people of diverse backgrounds committed to serving their communities every day. I am determined to ensure that Renew Financial remains an inclusive company, where no one feels discriminated against, and where we can all work together to achieve our vision of providing everyone with access to a safe, healthy and sustainable world. 



Mark Floyd, Renew Financial