Strengthen your roof, windows, & doors

October 19, 2016


We all know that Florida is a beautiful place to live -- except when there’s a hurricane bearing down on us. Hurricane season (June through November) carries with it a threat of destruction, particularly for homeowners whose homes are underprepared for the weather.

Roof replacement or roof improvements can seem like a huge and expensive task, but with smart RenewPACE financing, you can get upfront funding that you repay on your property taxes. And not only will your roof thank you -- there are a number of other home upgrades that are covered by RenewPACE.

Are you ready to upgrade your home and make it more efficient and weather-resistant? Here are several measures you can take to fortify your home from the inside out:

Strengthen your roof

There are a couple of ways to mitigate the threat of windy weather on your home. These include:

Gable-end bracing

The highest point of your home is subject to the greatest wind speeds. The gable, or triangular part of the roof on either end, can be reinforced with bracing. Gable ends that are taller than 4 feet should be braced.

Roof-to-wall connection reinforcement

Strengthen the connection between your roof and walls by adding hurricane clips. This can help prevent the roof from flying off during high winds.

Strengthen your windows and doors

Add a buffer to any glazed openings on your home’s exterior by installing storm shutters. Products like panel shutters add an impact-resistant layer to an otherwise fragile and breakable surface of your home’s exterior. Add storm doors to your home to protect against inclement conditions. The doors should be securely mounted to the framing, have a 1” long bolt lock to strengthen the lock side of the door, and open out.

RenewPACE PACE financing for an affordable, safe home

RenewPACE financing for hurricane-resistant measures is designed to bring your home up to code and give you the peace of mind knowing your home will be safe in a storm. Florida has high building safety standards when it comes to hurricanes; you could see significant savings on your insurance premiums, depending on the extent of your wind-resistance upgrades.

Why PACE financing?

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing is an excellent way for homeowners to make upgrades to their homes without breaking the bank. Benefits include:

  • 100% upfront financing

  • No impact on credit score

  • Borrow up to 15% of property value

  • May add value to home

  • Flexible repayment terms

  • No prepayment penalty

  • ...And more

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