Top 7 tips for a summer-ready home

June 8, 2017

Are you ready for summer heat and the expenses it can bring?

Make sure you’re prepared with these seven tips for a more comfortable and energy efficient home!

1. Schedule air conditioning maintenance

Just like a car, your HVAC unit needs to be regularly maintained in order to run properly. Scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioner is important to keep it working throughout the summer. You’ll be able to stay comfortable and have peace of mind knowing that your system is in good working order and is less likely to break down unexpectedly.

2. Replace your AC if it’s over 10 years old

If your unit is more than 10 years old, you should seriously consider replacing it. New, energy efficient air conditioners cost less to operate, which will help to lower your monthly expenses. If you were to switch from an old 10 SEER-rated AC to a 20 SEER-rated model, based on the national average, you’d save about 50% in operating costs.

3. Add insulation

Regardless of the temperature outside, insulation is important since it keeps heat where it is. Proper insulation will help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing you to reduce your HVAC usage. Most importantly, insulation will keep you comfortable in your home year-round.

4. Utilize fans

A ceiling fan generally costs about five cents an hour to operate and can help you feel cooler by increasing evaporation from your skin. Just remember to turn the fan off when you leave a room!

5. Install a smart thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a good idea throughout the entire year. Especially in the summer when you want cool air when you arrive at home, but don’t want to spend a fortune blasting cold air into a home that you aren’t currently in. 3-5% more energy is used for each degree your thermostat is set below 75°F, but with a programmable thermostat, you can turn the temperature up to 75 for the times when you are out of the house, and have it start cooling your house down an hour or so before you usually get home.

6. Use window treatments

Close your curtains or blinds during the day to avoid heat gain. Using your window treatments to shut out the sun can help your home stay more comfortable and give the air conditioner a head start on cooling your home. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that using medium-colored drapes with backings made of white plastic can reduce summer home heat gains by 33%.

7. Go solar

It’s common to see your energy bills increase during the summer when you have to air condition your home. When you switch to solar, you can help power your AC with a clean, renewable energy source.

Finance your home energy upgrade with Renew Financial

While some of the energy saving options are easy to do yourself, projects such as air conditioning replacement or solar panel installation require the help of a professional. That’s where Renew Financial can help! With a fast and easy application process, $0 upfront, and a repayment schedule of up to 30 years,* our financing programs will make your next big project affordable.

Make this summer the most comfortable and affordable one yet with home energy efficiency upgrades. Check your eligibility for financing or call 844-736-3934 to learn more.

* 30-year term not available in all areas, subject to eligible equipment, eligible jurisdiction and approval.