Transform Your Yard with Green Landscaping

November 24, 2021
Transform Your Yard with Green Landscaping

Are you unsure of how to get the most out of your yard? With a few green landscaping upgrades, you can transform your yard into an efficient and sustainable paradise.  According to Better Homes & Gardens:

“Green landscaping—also known as sustainable or eco-landscaping—is a method to design, create, and maintain your landscape to save time, money, and energy. Green landscapes nurture wildlife; reduce air, soil, and water pollution; and make healthy recreation spaces.”

Here we will discuss some common eco-friendly projects that can beautify your yard, decrease pollution, and possibly save on your utility bill.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is ideal for efficient outdoor lighting. They may be more costly up front, but they may save money over time in energy usage.  LED lighting is safer by giving off less heat and doesn’t attract bugs like UV lighting does, making the space more comfortable to enjoy.

Landscaping for Shade

Incorporating shade from landscaping elements can help reduce surrounding air temperatures by as much at 6°F, helping to save on energy costs associated with cooling. Planting shade trees is an attractive eco-friendly project that can increase the comfort, efficiency, and curb appeal of your home.

Greywater Irrigation

One of the most eco-friendly yard projects, greywater irrigation takes gently used water from places like your washing machine or sinks for use in the garden. The water may look grey but is not contaminated and is popular in states like California who battle constant droughts and water usage restrictions.

Rainwater Harvesting

Also referred to as rainwater collection system or rainwater catchment system, this method captures and stores rainwater from rooftops for later use. Simpler and less expensive rainwater catchment systems consist of a rain barrel set up to catch rain from your gutters for use like garden irrigation or ornamental pond features.  More advanced versions can be set up to filter, disinfect, and treat water to potable standards.

Financing Your Green Landscaping

The Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (PACE), allows homeowners to cover the cost of home upgrades related to energy-efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and safety and resiliency. Homeowners in eligible communities can finance 100% of their green landscaping projects, adding to the comfort and efficiency of their yard and home. 

Are you ready to transform your yard? Give our experts a call at 844.736.3934 to see if PACE financing is right for you!

Important Disclosures

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