Visalia shouldn’t get rid of PACE Program

May 3, 2019
Visalia PACE Loan Program

Included in the May 2nd edition of the Visalia Delta Times, Tim Ramage, VP of Sales Operations-Consumer Division for PetersonDean Roofing and Solar, strongly voiced his support for the local PACE program with a Letter to the Editor.

Aptly titled “Visalia shouldn’t get rid of PACE Program”, Tim highlights that:

“Less than two years ago, the Visalia City Council voted to keep their PACE financing program available to local homeowners. They (Visalia City Council) recognized that PACE financing has more consumer protections than traditional financing and provides our local community many benefits including being a local job creator.”

As opponents of PACE are trying again to call for a City Council vote to break with current PACE administrators, Tim highlights how Visalia’s current PACE program includes even more consumer protections and benefits than the program had two years ago when it was introduced to the City of Visalia.

Tim ends his Letter to the Editor by summarizing just how successful the PACE projects financed in Visalia have been for local property owners:

“PACE financing, which is voluntary, is cutting utility bills and helps homeowners across the state live more secure and comfortable lives. In a community, state and country that values freedom and consumer choice, having the choice to use PACE should be applauded, not taken away.”

You can read Tim’s full Letter to the Editor and learn why the Visalia City Council voted to accept PACE into their community two years ago on the Visalia Delta Times site.