May 22, 2017
Check to see if you ENERGY STAR upgrade is eligible!

For homeowners looking to make upgrades to their home (including replacement of heating and cooling units, windows/doors, and more), ENERGY STAR provides helpful guidelines for choosing the most energy efficient products.


Looking for a high-performance furnace, energy-saving appliance, or other efficient products to use in your home? Take advantage of ENERGY STAR in your search for the perfect product. ENERGY STAR (run by the EPA) is a rating and certification program that helps homeowners choose the best energy efficient products for their homes. ENERGY STAR offers ratings for everything from lighting, HVAC units, and roofing products, to water heaters and office equipment.

ENERGY STAR helps homeowners make smart buying decisions

ENERGY STAR ratings help you ensure you’re choosing efficient, high-performing products for your next home upgrade or improvement project. There are multiple benefits of choosing energy efficient products, including:

Reduce your home’s environmental impact

The ENERGY STAR program was created to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by correcting inefficient energy use in homes and buildings nationwide. Since 1992, the program has helped save consumers 2.5 billions tons of greenhouse gases and $362 billion on utility bills, according to their website. When you use ENERGY STAR certified products in your home, you are taking a great step in minimizing your home’s carbon footprint and contributing to large-scale energy savings.

Save energy and reduce operating costs

To earn ENERGY STAR certification, products must be independently verified to save energy. All products must meet energy standards set by the EPA without sacrificing features or functionality.

The EPA also looks at return on investment in ENERGY STAR ratings. This means an ENERGY STAR product that is more expensive than its less efficient counterpart must demonstrate an energy cost savings that makes up for the higher purchase price. This allows you to recuperate your investment quickly and start enjoying the savings of reduced operating costs.

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