Why the mission matters to us

August 18, 2015
"Our mission is to develop innovative financing designed to transform America's economy to clean energy." - Renew Financial Mission matters to Renew Financial. That should not come as a surprise. Any good business these days has a mission statement and most do what they can to deliver on that promise. If you ask employees, the answer is clear - most would rather work for an employer with a clear, positive mission than for one who's only in business for the money. Companies with a purpose have a much easier time attracting and retaining top talent, and top talent helps companies generate innovative ideas for the future. Our company began with a disruptive idea: how can we deliver the promise of energy efficiency in a new way? It's a question that has driven our strategy and that remains front-of-mind as our company continues to grow. We hope that others see the larger mission in what we do through our variety of smart efficiency financing programs, and that recognition helps elevate our brand. Purpose is essential to our existence and our opportunities.

From Berkeley with love

It's not a coincidence that we started Renew Financial here in California, the nation's hub for innovation. Our CEO Cisco DeVries pioneered the concept of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) clean energy financing in Berkeley in 2007 and that innovation is now a reality in 31 states and hundreds of local governments. That government partnership is worth noting. Our PACE financing model is implemented in partnership with local governments who assess the property tax payments that are core to the model. And what do governments get out of this? We are offering an option for their constituents to make home energy upgrades, which helps create economically thriving, environmentally conscious communities. By collaborating on programs that protect consumers and provide a variety of benefits for citizens, we help our government partners achieve water and energy conservation targets. We are proud of our role in innovating the PACE model. Innovation is often about creating a concept and watching it take root. The roots are growing and energy efficiency is coming to the masses because of it. We see this with our own CaliforniaFIRST program, which launched only a year ago and has grown exponentially as thousands and thousands of homeowners have made their homes more energy and water efficient. So what's next? For Renew Financial, this is no time for complacency as we continue to develop products and programs that further our mission and our company goals. Stay tuned for future exciting announcements. Please be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for future updates here.