Why is my AC making strange noises and what do they mean?

July 26, 2017
Why is my AC making strange noises and what do they mean?

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Sounds you don’t want your air conditioner to make

If your air conditioner is making strange noises, it indicates a problem and should be addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. An expert will be able to determine what’s happening and whether your air conditioner can still be repaired or needs replacement. Pay specific attention if your AC is making any of the following sounds:


If you hear a screaming or high-pitched hissing sound coming from your air conditioning unit when it first turns on, it’s likely there’s a serious problem with the compressor. Turn off your air conditioner right away. High-pitched pissing often indicates high pressure in the compressor, which is dangerous. Have your air conditioner looked at by a professional as soon as possible.


Banging or clanging noises coming from your AC generally mean there’s an issue with the fan. Either something is stuck, or some parts are loose. If you hear any banging, turn off your air conditioner and call an HVAC expert to resolve the problem.


Squealing noises often indicate that the fan belt needs attention. Changes in temperature and humidity are temporary circumstances that can cause the belt to squeal, however, if it’s making noise then it’s likely it will need replacement soon. You can keep your AC running for the time being, but it’s important to have the belt replaced so that it doesn’t break and unexpectedly leave you without air conditioning.


If your air conditioner is screeching and emitting a loud metal-on-metal sound, your fan motor bearings may be worn. Unless you absolutely have to keep your air conditioning on because the temperatures are extremely high, you should turn off your system and call in a professional to replace the fan motor right away.

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