Why pay more for efficient equipment?

May 11, 2017
High Efficiency AC, Renew Financial, Oakland, CA

Ready or not, the heat of summer is only a month or two away. It’s important to be prepared with a new, energy efficient air conditioner. Renew Financial can make your upgrade affordable and streamlined!

What makes a high-efficiency AC unit different?

All cars are created to drive, but they don’t all perform in the same way. Although it’s easy to think that all air conditioners are created equal because their main purpose is to cool and dehumidify, their actual performance varies widely. While a high-efficiency air conditioner does cost more upfront, its benefits outweigh the higher initial cost.

The benefits of switching to an energy efficient air conditioner

Upgrading your current air conditioner to a high-efficiency system before the summer can help you see benefits right away, including:

Reduced operating costs

Compared to outdated, inefficient air conditioners, a new, high-performance system will cost less to operate, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. For example, based on the national average, if you upgrade from an old 10 SEER-rated air conditioner to a new, energy efficient 20 SEER-rated model, you will save approximately 50% in operating costs.

Improved airflow & comfort

New, energy efficient air conditioners cool more effectively than previous systems, allowing you to stay more comfortable during the hot summer weather.

Lowered environmental impact

High-efficiency air conditioners use less energy to keep your home cool, so they’re also helping reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Less chance of breakdowns & emergency repairs

A new, high-efficiency air conditioning system will be less prone to breakdowns and costly emergency repairs, meaning you’ll stay comfortable and gain some peace of mind.

Longer warranty coverage

Unlike your old air conditioner whose warranty has probably already expired, an energy efficient AC will come with a new warranty to cover any unexpected problems for a longer amount of time.

How much more expensive are high-performance air conditioners?

Higher efficiency air conditioners are slightly more expensive than standard versions. Their true cost, however, depends on which system you choose. You might decide on a central AC, a heat pump, or even ductless mini-splits as the right solution for your home. Based on your location, the cost of installation varies and factors within your home -- including whether you’ll need new ductwork or insulation -- also influence the final cost.

According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners nationwide spend an average of $3,700 to $7,200 on installing a new air conditioning system. Fortunately, a new, energy efficient AC has a higher return on investment alongside its other benefits.

Even if your current air conditioner is only 10 years old, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you may save up to 40% on your cooling costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient unit.

Get a high-efficiency AC for summer, financed by Renew Financial

At Renew Financial, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners just like you get ready for summer with a comfort-boosting, high-efficiency air conditioning system. Our financing allows you to upgrade now with $0 down. Our 100% upfront financing has repayment terms of 5-25 years. By spreading the total cost over the life of the unit, you’ll start seeing the benefits of your new system right away. Renew Financial will help you stay cool during the upcoming summer heat!

Check your eligibility or call us at 844-736-3934 to learn more about financing options for your new, energy efficient air conditioner.