Guidance for selling or refinancing a property with a PACE assessment.

Before you put your home on the market:

  • Let your realtor know that you have PACE financed enhancements on your property.
  • Discuss how these improvements may increase the value of your home.
  • Highlight any on-going cost savings you benefit from, such as savings on your water or electricity bills.

Options to address paying for a PACE assessment:
  • You may pay off the PACE assessment for any reason, with no prepayment penalties. Simply contact us at 844-736-3934.
  • Some mortgage lenders may require the PACE assessment to be paid off in full at the time of sale or refinance. Subordination of the PACE assessment is not an available option. In the event the mortgage lender requires the PACE assessment to be paid off in full, please contact us at 844-736-3934 to obtain a payoff statement.

Depending on where you move, your new home may be eligible for a PACE financed home improvement.